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Digital Diversity in Virtual Education: Making Sure Culturally Relevant Practices Make Their Way Home

Teaching from home has emerged as one of the biggest and more difficult challenges teachers have ever faced. In attempting to make instruction as equitable as possible, many questions have emerged around the possibilities of culturally relevant pedagogy in a distance learning format. Although technology issues have emerged, there are numerous ways to ensure the best practices in CRP teaching can thrive in a digital environment.

Teaching Science To Community College Students

Have you ever wondered why modern science teachers teach in the exact same fashion as teachers from 100 years ago? Do we know more today about science teaching? If so, our modern approach to science teaching should reflect what we know about learning and how our modern technology enables us to engage in world class teaching. This session will provide use with a foundational training on modern science teaching. Feel free to download the handout to work on the planning using the digital resources.


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