Digital Diversity in Virtual Education: Making Sure Culturally Relevant Practices Make Their Way Home


Teaching from home has emerged as one of the biggest and more difficult challenges teachers have ever faced. In attempting to make instruction as equitable as possible, many questions have emerged around the possibilities of culturally relevant pedagogy in a distance learning format. Although technology issues have emerged, there are numerous ways to ensure the best practices in CRP teaching can thrive in a digital environment.


Teaching in a digital format is a difficult endeavor. When considering the many  limitations in providing teachers support for excellent practice, several concerns emerge. If students have devices at home to use for teaching purposes then there is an opportunity to engage every student. However, families with multiple children often struggle from the reality of needing a single device for every child. This presentation is rooted in an assumption that there are hardware and software  limitations, but there are also opportunities to sustain high-quality education. The presentation focuses on the idea of Digital Diversity. Digital. Digital Diversity is the idea that we can diversify our classrooms by focusing on diversifying our digital curriculum. When teachers teach, they should include images and videos that reflect the diversity of the faces, cultures, and interest of their students. As they select instructional videos they should select videos that enable students to see cultural diversity as a way to introduce new ideas. Additionally, a focus on digital diversity requires teachers to dramatically shift their approach assessment. Teachers must also carefully rethink how they can use modern technology as assessment tools. Ultimately, the presentation offers an overview of how to begin the process of engaging in digital diversity instruction that reflects culturally relevant pedagogy.


The slides for the presentation are available here:


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