Tanzania – Fighting Climate Change With Safari’s & Reforestation (VR)


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about the fight against climate change? Does your mind immediately think about the environmental efforts of African nations? In this lesson, students will learn about the powerful impact of humans on the environment. In Tanzania, scientists have worked on building a better and more sustainable culture. The reason why animals thrive in African safaris is because of the careful work to keep the (abiotic) non-living factors healthy enough to allow the animals to thrive. Additionally, using scientific knowledge to plant trees produces a healthier environment. The basic concepts are Ecosystem, Abiotic vs Biotic factors, Biodiversity, and Reforestation. The lesson includes virtual visits to Safari sites and a Reforestation project.

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Let’s take our students on a field trip to two famous Safari sites. First, your students will visit the Tarangire National Reserve in Tanzania. This location is known as “Elephant Heaven.” Students will see Elephants, Griffes, and Monkeys. Second, students will visit the Ngorongoro National Conservation area. This area has extreme Biodiversity. Through virtual reality students will see Rhinos, Hyenas, Lions, Gazelles, Buffalos, Monkey’s and other species. This location is among the most biodiverse environments in the world. Finally, your students will visit the base of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. There they will visit an environmental restoration project where community leaders are planning growing and planting trees of multiple species to promote and sustain the growth and health of the forest regions. To support these VR lessons, there are a number of lab choices available for you to apply to the lesson itself. All of the videos are lab direction are embedded the teacher lesson plan.




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Direct links to Virtual Reality Videos

Video #1: A Virtual Safari

Video #2: Reforestation






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