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The Catapult Competition – Engineering

The Catapult Laboratory Handout provides detailed instructions for building a simple yet powerful catapult using 32 popsicle sticks, masking tape, and a rubber band. Emphasizing the strength of the triangle, it guides the creation of a stable structure capable of launching projectiles up to thirty feet. The handout encourages experimentation with different rubber bands and arm lengths, making it an educational and engaging project that demonstrates basic engineering principles.

AI Lamp Building Project

The discussion of AI and its implications for teaching and learning is pervasive. The future and present are intricately connected to how we leverage AI to enhance our daily interactions. AI involves teaching computers to gather information, analyze it, and make informed decisions. This lab introduces students to the fundamentals of AI, engineering design, and coding by guiding them through the process of building their own AI-powered lamp using an Arduino board.

Engineering Basics with Tiny Bits

There is a lot of excitement about engineering. This can be something that is difficult to teach as teachers must learn how to give students access to circuit and programming activities. This lesson allows teachers to provide students with pre-made circuits, switches, and transformers. This is a fun activity that will lead to a lot of fun results. Try this easy to do science lesson.

Culturally Relevant Computer Science & Engineering Curriculum

A Culturally Relevant CS/ Engineering Curriculum   Welcome to the CS/Engineering curriculum page. You may ask what is a hybrid CS/Engineering curriculum. This curriculum is a part of an ongoing project to build a free online resource for teachers to teach Computer Science and Engineering. Many of our current products, including phones, cars, drones, and…


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