Virtual Field Trip Lesson on The Carbon Cycle


Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘It’s organic’? It’s a peculiar term in our world. For scientists, it means that the substance is composed of carbon. There’s something remarkable about carbon—it’s neither created nor destroyed. Instead, it’s recycled through our environment as we breathe, as plants conduct photosynthesis, and as bacteria decompose things. This lesson takes us to a local grocery store to teach us how carbon is cycled through the environment. The students will visit the grocery store and explore each stage of the carbon cycle through a 3D virtual world.


This lesson comes with a plan, slide deck, and a virtual reality video. Your students can watch the video on their laptops or tablets. For an immersive experience, they can use cardboard virtual reality glasses or Oculus lenses. Since this lesson is in the beta phase, we encourage you to try it out, make edits, and share your feedback with us.








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