Sling Shot Rockets


Slingshot physics involves the use of stored elastic energy to shoot a something at a high speed. This elastic energy comes from rubber bands which are specially made for slingshots. This energy is provided initially by the muscle energy of the slingshot operator. One of the goals of a slingshot is to fire the projectile at the greatest speed possible. To do this two basic physics conditions must be satisfied.


To use Newton’s 3rd law and elastic force you must maximize your draw length, and second you must maximize the draw force you can personally exert over the draw length. In other words, the slingshot must be designed (for you) such that you are able to pull back on the projectile as far as you can and as hard as you can, before releasing it. This maximizes the elastic energy storedin the rubber bands which translates into the maximum kinetic energy of the projectileupon release, which results in the maximum release speed of the projectile. This in turn results in the greatest impact energy, and therefore damage inflicted on the target when it is struck by the projectile. 


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