Air Pressure Rockets


One of the challenges of teaching science involves getting students to see the value of micro level phenomenon. “Air” is among the things that is most challenging to teach. Air pressure impacts us everyday, but can be hard to understand because it is largely invisible. This lesson uses the building and launching of air pressure powered rockets as a means to give students an understanding of how air pressure impacts our world.


Although invisible, air impacts us everyday. People in places with hurricanes and tornados know this reality very well, but there are other ways that air impacts our lived experience. This lesson shows students the power of impacted air. When air is compressed into small spaces, it can release an explosive power. This lesson uses air pressure rockets to teach key principles of air pressure. These rockets will travel between 100 to 200 feet in the air. Students will love these lessons. Be sure to have your students explain these key ideas and translate their everyday language understanding of the role of air to the scientific language explanation of air pressure, air pressure differential, and compression




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