Virtual Reality Training Lesson


Emerging from pandemic instruction, teachers learned to leverage some important tools to keep students thinking and engaged. One of the biggest challenge of that time was offering NGSS based laboratory experiences. One useful tool for that challenge is virtual reality. In this case, students can take virtual field trips to visit locations, collect data, and make claims based on what they learned. To prepare students for the lessons use this short training activity to help students grown comfortable using the interface and the goggles.


Smartphones offer science teachers and important tool. They can provide students with simulations, augmented reality models, and virtual reality. This short training lesson offers students a brief training about how virtual reality will work using cardboard goggles. There are a number of important features for the students to learn.

  • Students will learn to access virtual reality modules using a QR code
  • Students will learn to use the menu in the virtual environment (back, forward, pause, etc.)
  • Students will learn to watch videos
  • Students will learn to access data in the virtual environment.

Collectively, this training should provide students an opportunity to ground their understanding in the basic tools of the learning environment.



Virtual Field Trip


AI 3D Worlds



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