Virtual Reality Science Lessons


There are a number of ways teachers can consider using virtual reality to teach science concepts. Teachers can use VR 360 videos or VR Worlds. In VR 360 videos students use VR goggles to view actual video recorded at 360 degrees. People have taken footage from space and remote locations around the globe. We have a sequence of science lessons that are available for you to use now. The lessons teach students about the science happening in their neighbor hoods. To use these lessons, simply click the links below and keep your students talking about the exciting world of science happening right outside their door. This project was funded by the Technology for Equity in Learning Opportunities program at Stanford University TELOS



We are including 5 VR videos for you to use in your classrooms. Each of these lessons use a similar approach. They start with a problem and explore how the science in the local context can solve that problem. Each lesson includes 4 VR videos, but the entire lesson can be conducted on laptops, tablets or cellular phone.

Lesson #1: Food Chains – The case of the Flaming Hot Cheetos

Lesson #2: The Water Cycle – The Flint Water Crisis

Lesson #3: Animal and Plant Adaptation – Can a Rose Grow in The Concrete

Lesson #4: Animal Adaptations: Seeing The The Eyes of Animals


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