The Flint Water Crisis – The Water Cycle


The basic concept of the water cycle can be one that is hard for students to connect to larger sociocultural issues. In helping students set a sense of how the water cycle matters to their lives, this lesson uses the issues of The Flint Water Cycle to help students understand how the water cycle is a vital component in providing clean water for everyone. This lesson includes slides, lesson plans, and handouts to be used for instruction. All of the lessons are available in downloadable and accessible in MS Word and Powerpoint formats that you can adjust.

Classroom instruction for middle school and high school students generally covers the topic of the water cycle. These lessons helps to gain a sense of the natural function of a healthy ecosystem. This lesson uses a standard cognitive apprenticeship approach. It starts with a problem, then provides students opportunities to shift their role. First they play the role of active participant as the teacher helps to lead instruction, then shifts towards the students doing the majority of the work in explain key concepts. This lesson focuses on the Flint water crisis To help students gain a sense of how

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