Puerto Rico Virtual Field Trip – Sustainable Recovery


Puerto Rico is one of the most beautiful locations in the world. The island nation has a wealth of natural resources that flourish in an amazing region of the world. A few years ago a devastating hurricane, Hurricane Maria, hit the island of Puerto Rico. It is an amazing case study of Climate Change, Human Ingenuity, and the goal to rebuild a community using principles of sustainability. This lesson with teach the ideas of natural disasters, climate change and human response.


Climate change has has numerous effects on people across the world. One of those effects has been an increase in the regularity of strong hurricanes. While hurricanes have always impacted communities, it appears that climate change has produced stronger more regularly occurring events. Take a tour with your students to Puerto Rico to learn about hurricanes and how people work to rebuild damaged communities through sustainable means.

Big ideas: Climate Change, Sustainability, and Human response to natural disasters

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