COVID 19 – Viruses, Antigens, & Antibodies


The 2020 school year was dramatically cut short due to the global virus pandemic. Viruses have always existed in a number of contexts, but few truly understand how viruses impact our lives. More importantly, our bodies have an embedded system for fighting viruses. This lesson, designed for middle school students, provides students an overview of the basics of viruses and explains how they impact the human body.


The global pandemic caught the entire world off guard! Although viruses have been a part of the human ecosystem from the beginning of time, the public understanding of how viruses function and how our bodies work against viruses has shown to be limited. As a society, everyone should have a depth of knowledge about how viruses work and how our bodies are built to fight off viral diseases. The complexities of viruses and the changing DNA and RNA in viruses serve to create a fascinating study. This lesson that is designed for middle school students will introduce them to the basics of how viruses work and will allow them to explore ways that our bodies can naturally fight off viral diseases. They will build a model of a virus and a mode of a lung as a part of their study. The goal of this lesson is to teach students about Coronavirus and to teach about potential solutions for the disease


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