Can Redlining Affect Climate Change


Many people know about how redlining, inequitable home buying policies, and its effects on the wealth of people of color. However, few have discussed how redlining has impacted the cities and communities where it historically occurred. A recent study from Yale university documented how poor city planning and redlining policies can be linked. The results are urban heat islands where communities are negative impacted in a number of ways. This lesson teaches the fundamentals of climate change, while allowing students to explore the how public policy also plays a role in climate change.


Climate change is discussed in many ways in the public discourse. As society considers policies to improve our current state of affairs our focus in on cars, manufacturing, and fossil fuels. However, if we consider other areas of policy and new set of concerns emerge. This lesson teaches the basics of climate change by exploring how redlining (inequitable home lending) policies have resulted in differential impacts in communities of color. Download this lesson, adapt it, and let us know how your students learned.


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