Building Your Own Virtual Field Trip


Students and teachers can also be creators or virtual reality learning resources. This tutorial will help teachers and students learn to create their own virtual scientific tours of interesting phenomena. To do this, you will use two or three different types of software together. The videos below offer a basic introduction to using VR 360 video and using ThingLink. We invite you to give it a try and reach out to our team if you would like additional assistance.


Virtual Field Trips can be an excellent way to show family and friends how science is happening in your local neighborhood. The goal is to use multimedia devices to represent the ways that science is being impacted by our community. To do this, you will learn how to create virtual field trips using the software ThingLink. As you improve your skills please share these videos with the Science In The City team.

STEP 1: Create Your VR Environment using Google Street View

STEP 2: Add your video to ThingLink and add content. Here is a tutorial on using ThingLink


Here is a tutorial on using VR 360 video:







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