The Cultural & Cognitive Potential of Virtual Reality in Science


Our research team spent several years exploring the power of virtual reality as a classroom learning tool. We sought to do something different. So, instead of bring high cost virtual reality headsets to schools, we used low cost cardboard headsets for instruction. This enabled nearly every student to have their own virtual reality headsets. So what did we learn? The details are below.

To help represent the scope of our current work on virtual reality in schools we are providing two resources. First, we are sharing a podcast where Dr. Brown broadly defines the scope of our research. In this podcast he explains how digital tools have to potential to support teachers with culturally relevant science teaching by doing the difficult of “showing’ how the science is relevant. As students are taken to culturally meaningful context they are able to connect the science issues with important local contexts. This helps to turn the science into a tool that students can use to impact their community. Second, we provide a link to one of the manuscripts our team published on this important topic. We invite you to read and expand the work.


The Podcast

The Article

One of the VR Videos Used in the Experiment


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