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When people design educational technology, they have someone in mind. Design is always intentional. An effective designer can created an educational technology tool that produces learning because is designed with a specific user in mind and customized to meet that end user’s needs. The EdTech remix hopes to create a wave of designers who are skilled at building culturally effective learning technology. By brining together top scholars, designer, tech teachers, and educators our collective build capacity for all participants. This project hopes to get insights from designers to understand how they approach modern educational technology design.

When people create educational technology, they’re thinking of someone specific. Design is always purposeful. A good designer can make an educational tool that helps people learn, as it’s made for a particular user and tailored to their needs. The EdTech remix aims to train designers in making effective technology for diverse learners. By uniting experts, designers, tech teachers, and educators, we all become better at this. This project seeks insights from designers about their approach to modern educational tech design.”








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